Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hey gals and maybe a few guys. I haven't been on here much. A lot has happened though, I see. Marriages, babies, divorces, moves, bummed up limbs. ~Silverstyle :((( ~

I have been crazy busy and am sort of coming out of the fog of overwork. So now I have a little more time to think about other things besides grading and costumes. (although I should probably be grading right now. :P)

I am a creativity junkie though. If it's not one thing it's something else. I finally got into Instagram. It's so much fun I can't stand it. Here are a few of the pictures I've Instagrammed lately.

Showing off my pedicure with my pedicat

Chillin' at a really really cool place where Elvis and Steve McQueen used to hang out 

Neon sign at the roller rink. My hand is still bruised a week later. Oh well, it was fun!!

My favorite!! This is my daughter in her 1920's costume from her school play last year. I actually used the Camera + app which I really like.

Instagram seems to be used mostly by young people but I love it. It gives digital photos a great vintage quality. Are you using it?