Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Times

I had some good times the past few days. Friday I got to see my BFF who is only back for a few days from New York. I'm still getting used to my new IPhone but loving the Instagram app.

It can even make a new baby look like an old-timey baby. (That's her baby)

Saturday night my stand-up comedy students had their showcase. I went up at the end and did 10 minutes. It was a blast. I haven't performed in like 2 months except on my birthday. I really needed that.

Then I went to the other club (there are two clubs) because a friend was having a birthday show. They gave me 5 minutes there, too, and it was fantastic. I even got some nice compliments from a couple of young girls on my fashion style. I blame it all on my new skinny cargo pants.

This photo is a little fraudulent because I didn't perform in this room. I performed in the other room. (there are two rooms) The stage is a mess because the headliner that night does juggling and has props and things. Ha ha. It looks like my apartment. (That shirt is actually black by the way)

Top-(Nine and Co)
Sweater-(gift but I think from Target originally)
Old Navy pants-(Goodwill)
Sofft shoes-(Marshall's)
Necklaces-(vintage, FIDM Scholarship Store)
BTW Today is Monday and even though these are pics from another day I am going to try to get away with including them on Patti's Visible Monday link up. Check it out.


  1. Oh, yes, you can get away with it -- I take my pics on Saturday : > And I *just* bought a pair of cargos exactly like yours. You look fab, and I bet you were funny as all heck. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

  2. The leopard print sweater is great!

  3. Love leopard!!! I just bought yet another leopard cardigan. I don't think one can have too many! You look really cute! I wish you would post a video of your stand-up. I would lvoe to see it.

  4. I've never tried it, but I love this look on you! You GO, girl!

  5. I would love to see you do stand up one fine day. For many years my husband and I were faithful attendees at our local comedy club (Stanford's in the KC area), but so much of the humor was so predictably sexist...

  6. These pictures are great! The leopard print looks perfect on you!

  7. That's a great photo to send to visible Monday. I also like your cargo trousers and the way you pull the look.


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