Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Did someone say animal print? Um, yeah. No problem. I have a lot of leopard print. Shoes, bags, shirts, belts, scarves, you name it. My mom gave my sister and me leopard sheets when I was a little kid so it started young. Here's a little bit for today.

Shirt-(Walmart)...(I was on the road at the time)

This is for darling Tammy's link up at Silverstyle. It's an all ages party so check it out.

Here are some other posts where I leoparded it up.
 Here, here, and more shoes here. Oh and who could forget this bit of silliness? Oh, brother. Ha ha. Later.


  1. thanks Sweet, funny lady! You are fantastic and I love the new "do". Your shoes are great.
    Thanks for getting your grrrr face on!
    I'm not a Walmart fan either, but back during the summer I had a 4am family emergency and landed in my parent's little town. A couple of days later, (after my Dad passed) I realized I didn't have any under ware. So off to the only game in town.....Walmart. Walked out with a 6 pack that I am still comfortably wearing!

  2. I'm a leopard print lover, and the shoes are fabulous. Great outfit!

  3. Great haircut Joanie! And I love, want, need those leopard shoes.

  4. I love these shoes!!! and your hair is precious! So cute.

  5. Love the shoes! Your hair is just stunning. How do you keep it so white? Even my white hairs seemed to be a funky color when I tried growing mine out one time? Do you use a special shampoo?

  6. What an excellent hair cut! Love the leopard shoes too :).

    Have a good weekend, don't work too hard!


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