Monday, September 12, 2011

Polkadots and Neck Bows

I can't believe I'm up at 11:30 at night posting this when I have to get back up in a few hours and work all day. But I did the Two Birds Challenge and I have to post it!!!

Here's the inspiration:

And here's me:

Oy! It's like lookin' in a mirrah!!

Here's a close-up of the accessories and what not.
Too tired to do anymore. Hope you all have good nights and sweet dreams. 

Bracelets-(birthday gifts from daughter)  :)

Hey, I'm throwing this up on the Not Dead Yet site for Visible Monday, too. Check it out. (should I have said "putting this up"?)


  1. Ooooh, likey. Your polka dots are fab and they are making me dizzy, in the best way : > You nailed the inspiration photo.

    Thanks for participating in Visible Monday, Joanie!

  2. i love the polka dots paired with that amazing bracelet! what a great look!

  3. I love the pattern of your blouse and the colour of your nail polish is beautiful! I have also been known to stay up late blogging when I should be resting for an early morning!

  4. I love inspiration photos and I like how the pink contrasts with the polka dots!

  5. You are funny and the blouse..oy oy! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo


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