Monday, September 26, 2011

It LIVES!!!!

Okay, here's the deal. Remember how I kept posting about how busy and tired I was the past couple of months? Well, I wasn't kidding. I got so stressed out during that time period that I started losing my hair and feeling completely soul and bone tired. All my work ended at once and all I've wanted to do the last week or so is hibernate and recharge. I don't know how you guys that post every single day do it. I've realized that my life is so up and down that there might be some times when I need to just step away for a little bit. And that has to be okay.

I saw a holistic healing lady for my hair. I know this is the time when hormones can go wackadoo but hairloss is not hereditary for me and I'm pretty sure it was stress. My work starts back up again on Saturday and everything gets going all at once. It's been nice to have a break and sleep and clean house and watch movies but I am really grateful for my jobs. This time I intend to be more organized and to plan and not take on any more costume projects---other than for my daughter's choir. Ummm...

T-shirt-(Banana Republic)
Shorts-(thrifted and refashioned)
I also want to remember to do nice things for myself like light candles and listen to music and keep decluttering and cleaning house. I let myself get bogged down by what needed to get done and trying to be a hero or like a getting-things-done machine.

What do you do to keep from getting stressed out? How do you pamper yourself? Share, please. I'll bet it's great.

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  1. Way over here on the right coast, every time I get myself in a work-related jam and do the little-or-no-sleep thing, I vow I will get organized and get better at planning my work. (I am still hopeful that it will happen someday . . .) Like you, I find that it helps to keep my personal space (relatively) neat and clean--there's nothing like dishes in the sink, a messy office, and no clean laundry to make things seem even worse than they are. Depending on my tolerance for eye-rolling, I also ask the teenage daughter to do some cleaning. Sometimes, too, despite the deadlines and pressure and lack of sleep and thinking I don't have the time, I take an hour to have breakfast with a friend, because amid all the stress and chaos it's invaluable to connect with someone who understands and makes me laugh.

  2. I also find that my ability to deal with all the pitches coming at me goes in waves. Every few weeks to few months, I just start feeling really overwhelmed. Then suddenly I feel able to deal with everything again. I have such thin hair, would hate to start losing it!

  3. Wow, you make it all look so fun and easy. Sorry to hear about your hair. That is really scary and sucky. I work part-time now. I am afforded that luxury by my husband at this point in our lives. 6 months ago I remember how freakin stressed out I was with my job. I was a miserable and hated my situation so I changed it. Fortunately, you love your jobs. It is not stress that kills people, it is the lack of down time from stress that kills them. Keep lighting your candles and watching are doing the right thing. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  4. Hi Joanie! I am very much like deja pseu - my overwhelmed-ness comes and goes in waves. You are a star, in what you are able to get accomplished! Losing hair is scary - I've been through that a couple of times, and there's a lot the doc can do -- you have gorgeous hair. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

  5. For me the biggest destresser is sport. I like to play tennis and today even did zumba. Great fun! Yoga is another favorite that's really good against stress!

  6. I don't know how everyone gets so much done. I used to get a lot more done when I was younger, but then I was stressed out a lot of the time!

    I've lost hair as well, just got a really short hair cut because of it. I just figured loss of volume happens with age.

  7. Every time I get in the shower I notice more of my hair curling up by the drain. It scares me! If I was rich, I would get hair extensions. As for stress, when I was working, I was super stressed. I gained 20lbs the last 6 months I was working. I am just now getting that off. I feel for you.
    I like the socks with your boots. That just looks cool!

  8. It's been many years ago that a doctor said to me that if I didn't take care of myself that there would be no one to take care of myself. It was a clear message to get my priorities in the right place. We'll all be here when things are copacetic for you.


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