Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tied up and Flowerdy

I wanted to do the style challenge at Two Birds this week because they finally had something I could wear to work. Unfortunately, Monday was a holiday and I barely even put pants on. (don't worry. I didn't leave the house) But today I worked and used the inspiration photo to try to update this 50's or early 60s dress I got at a yard sale for $1. (don't be jealous)

Here's the inspiration photo from two birds btw 

Kiera Knightly is kicking herself that she has to be so skinny and not as voluptuous as me.

This dress is so cute. It has little rhinestones and beads sewn on the skirt in the flowers. It's homemade and very well done. I wish you could see the sparkles.

Here's some extra sparkles I added. I think this ring is part of the jewelry I started collecting from yard sales in the 80s when I was a punk rocker and costume design student in college.

White shirt-(thrifted)
Bracelet-(b'day gift from daughter <3)
Nail polish-(Loreal-Minted)


  1. i don't know which i like best...the ring, the bracelet or the skirt! paired together, they look amazing!

  2. Oh, the accessories are perfect with this lovely skirt.

  3. This is all just perfection together. Love that nail polish! And sorry, I am jealous of that dress! I just love dresses like this. Maybe because I was raised in the 50's and 60's and remember them fondly.

  4. Just like Debbi, mark me down as jealous! Love that dress, and the way you styled it. Kiera is feeling pretty sad right now : >

  5. Just beautiful! The skirt is perfect!


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