Tuesday, September 13, 2011

EBEW-Made Me Wear Purple Pants!

I took on another style challenge. Oh, and I took it on HARD. Everybody Everywhere proposed a challenge to wear colorful pants. Well, I hardly have any trousers at all, much less those of a non-neutral pursuasion. So, of course, I  trekked down to my local treasure trove, I mean Goodwill, and looked for colorful bottoms. heh heh. You know what I mean.

I found these silk high waisted, pleated purple pants that are like new and they were half price. Suh-weet! It's cool that they are high waisted and pleated because those kinds of trousers have never been in fashion before, ever and it's brand new and like, totally original. (That is hysterical to anyone over 40)

The truth is, the social shame of wearing pleated high waisted pants cut so deep once flat fronts came in that it's almost hard to go back to them. I feel like it's a trick and if I wear them out I'll be mocked and laughed at by hipster 20 year olds and everyone in the fashion industry. "OMG! You fell for it? Those aren't really in style again. We were being ironic. LOL!"

Calvin Klein top-(thrifted)
Sweater-(FIDM Scholarship Store)
Necklace-(Maybe Marshalls a long time ago?)

P.S. I am aware that I'm not showing the top of the pants I went on and on about. I'm working up to it slowly.

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear


  1. I've always kept at least one pair of pleated pants in my closet. I really like the color and the silver/grey you've paired it with.

  2. I think you look gorgeous in those colors. You are a brave woman! One to emulate.

  3. Gorgeous! Long live the high-waisted pleaters - I think they circle around, and they are def. being seen in the fashion world for fall. I love that sun necklace!

  4. Delurking to say hello, you look fabulous in those colors!

    Aren't silk pants wonderful?

    I just finished sewing a pair and can't get over the luxury of wearing them. They aren't high waisted, not that I wouldn't wear high waisted on principle as I'll wear literally anything that fits well, but I'm short waisted so no dice.

  5. I think you look fab. I don't have any colored pants either. I have been trying to find some, but so far no luck.
    Your whole outfit looks very pretty.

  6. Your outfit is spot on. Who the hell cares what the hipsters think anyway!

  7. Joanie,
    My link is up and running (background cheers and roars!)
    If you have time this weekend try to come over and play with us/me?
    Happy Weekend!


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