Thursday, September 8, 2011

Casual Thursday

I had a meeting today at the comedy club which I didn't have to dress up for but I wanted to look decent. It was blistering hot. One of a number of super hot days we've had lately. I just put together things I'd be comfortable in and it kind of worked since they are all neutrals.

This is an unusual day for me in that only one thing I'm wearing is thrifted. Can you guess what that is? Okay, it's the shorts. I wore them once before. Almost everything else is from the FIDM Scholarship Store which is almost like thrifting because they sell clothes that are donated from stores. The top and jacket were $5 each.

Shirt-(FIDM SS)
Jacket-(FIDM SS)
Banana Republic shorts-(thrifted)
Bracelets-(gift, FIDM SS)

By the way, I'm linking this to Thursdays are for Thrifters at Spunky Chateau. Check it out if you're cool.


  1. Very cool look, oh silver one.

  2. I love the gray jacket. It is perfect with this outfit. Great touches on the accessories.

  3. Absolutely love that little jacket. You look casual but really put together. Your hair is so pretty too! Thanks for linking up!

  4. So, what does one do at a comedy club meeting? Do you make each other laugh the whole time? Can i come with you sometime?
    Your outfit is lovely. Wish it was hot here!

  5. You pulled the shorts look in a great way. co ngratulations for that !

  6. Love the top picture. It looks like you have a "crown" on the top of your head!

  7. @Got My Wires Crossed-Ha! Yeah! That's right. I am a Faerie Queen retired to the suburbs of Burbank. Now it's out.

    @Tammy-Sorry to say the comedy club meeting was spectacularly not funny. We were getting ready for a free class we're doing on Sunday to promote the classes. zzzzzz

    @Patti- Oh Silver One. heheh

    @Debbi, Meagan, Angie-thank you :)

  8. Hey, yeah, that outfit really works! Some day, I will create a successful shorts outfit.....

  9. Hi Joanie, I am your newest follower and am really looking forward to reading your posts.


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