Thursday, August 4, 2011

Less Is More, More Or Less

Today's a work at home day so I'm rocking a casual look. Very casual. Some may say too casual to post on a fashion blog.

I do have a little bit of an Arm Get-Together going on. (I don't think it's enough stuff to be called a party)

Not fancy enough? Okay, how about this?

Leopard scarf. Does that dress it up enough? Not really super comfortable on a hot day, but I want everyone to be happy.

 What, still not enough? Fine. How's this then?

  Bam! Glamour-ass. You're welcome.

Still not satisfied?

There, happy? Now I look like me in 20 years!

Aw, you know I'm just playin' witcha.

Teal undershirt-(Target)
Gray t-shirt-(thrifted)
Donna Karan linen cardigan-(thrifted)
Levi's jeans-(thrifted)
Bracelets-(vintage, FIDM Schoarship Store, hand-me-downs)
Leopard scarf-(? had it about 15 years)
Faux fur stole-(vintage thrifted)
Crown-(I was born with it)


  1. You are hysterical....I love this!!! Keep the laughs coming and actually it looks pretty cute with the leopard scarf!! Love the tiara!

  2. You Are Hilarious. That tiara though - it does look like it was made for you . . .

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  3. you are a natural and and a kook and I love you!

  4. I love you, too. And I do mean all y'all.

  5. Ha, I love posts that show things like this. It is actually how I often style an outfit...but somehow I doubt this is how you'll look in 20 years. ;)

  6. Cool accessories, a classic "Americana" comfortable outfit and a funny post what more can you give us?!

  7. Hysterical! But you look nice. (Before the stole, that is.) Although a Tiara makes every outfit better.

  8. Hah! You crack me up!

    Now where are those street style photographers when you need them??

  9. I love this post...I laughed out loud! It's very Grey Gardens...I HOPE I look like that in 20 It's interesting to learn you were born with a crown. I think you've inspired me to wear my tiara in a future post. Have a great weekend! Debbie


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