Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Like It Hot-They're Dumb

We've managed to miss a lot of the awful weather some of you have been suffering through. Not today, though. The past few days have been hot and muggy and over 100°. I'm not used to it anymore. With that said, I hope all of you on the East Coast are safe and well during the hurricane they're predicting.
Today was about errands and driving in a car with no A.C. (still trying to find time to get it fixed). So I went with comfort and not a lot of embellishment.

100% thrifted.

98% wrinkled
(again I'm talking about the clothes)

I did get these platform shoes today at Goodwill. I swear I was only there looking for something for my daughter. cough cough...ahem. Sorry, just started choking there a little. Here's what the full-body experience was for the picture above.


Old Navy top-(thrifted)
Banana Republic shorts-(thrifted)
Mudd shoes-(thrifted)


  1. I have never been good with heat. It makes me want to hurl. So in the summer I try to stay the coolest possible. No jewelry and the least amount of clothing possible. I think you look super. But then I'd be dressed that way too.

  2. Hot weather sucks. But YOU look fabulous!!

  3. Here in Wichita we now have the 2nd hottest summer ever and could yet break the recordY You look fantastic in this outfit.

  4. Great shoes, Joanie!! And your silver hair is soooo pretty, I have major hair-envy going on. We'll have 95 degrees today; hope I can pull off a cool look.

  5. laughing out loud at your title - I agree, hot weather sucks, but you look great!


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