Saturday, August 13, 2011


Last night my Mom threw me a surprise party at Flappers Comedy Club where I perform and teach. She is very devious and I really had no clue.

I performed in the smaller room at 7:30. Jimmy Pardo was headlining the main room at 8:00 and I wanted to see that afterwards. As soon as I finished my set, the house manager told me I was needed at the bar. I thought "Oh, cute. The club is going to do a little birthday thing for me."

We got halfway through the main room and stopped. My mother was sitting there...with my sister! Who I thought was still in Austin especially since she called earlier that afternoon pretending she was still in Austin. Then I looked to my left and saw two of my daughter's best friends' moms who are also my friends. And then sneaking up behind me was my hairdresser and her husband. Two of my dear comedy friends were there too and I got to see them after the show.

We all hung out on the patio afterwards and had cake and good times.

It was so much fun and I felt really special. I didn't get too many pictures but I think other people did so I'll add them when I can.

Whew. I feel I can finally relax. It's done. I'm official. And my mom can try to pry herself from her web of lies!!!!! (thanks, Mom. I love you. It was the best 50th birthday I'll ever have)


  1. Amazing that she could pull this off--we are supposed to be so wise to these kind of tricks by the 50 year mark. Ain't it nice to know you can still be surprised?

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a very fine bash indeed.

  3. Awwww, cheers for mom for pulling off a big surprise! Sounds like big fun.

    _Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  4. How fun to have your mother surprise you. Happy Birthday!


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