Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inspiration-The Arm Party

Kristina at Pretty Shiny Sparkly is hosting an Arm Party for the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge.

Here's mine again from last Monday.

I thought for Inspiration Wednesday I would give you a brief history of the Arm Party. Or as it was called in times past, putting a shit load of bracelets on your arms.

One of the most famous Arm Party photos of all time
Nancy Cunard photographed by Man Ray

Elsa Schiaparelli

Oh, yeah!!!!

And the Undisputed Queen of the Arm Party

p.s. It is my understanding that Leandra Medine at Man Repeller coined the term Arm Party. Kudos.


  1. Hey I participated in the BDIB challenege too! I came across your link and I'm loving your arm party! Your inspiration photos are lovely!


  2. You are awesome. COme and check out how another over 45 year old does an Arm Party! I'll be back to visit you and your fantastic blog roll tomorrow!

  3. Nancy Cunard is my all time favorite arm party! I have to agree with you. In fact it was that pic years ago that started me on my ivory bracelet collection. this has been a fun challenge :)

    robyn of boluxe.wordpress.com

  4. Thanks for the history, Joanie! It's always inspiring to see W. Woman, and of course the Material Girl. I had forgotten how she rocked the arm candy.

    -Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  5. I love your arm party contribution & your wonderful throwback to all of the fab women who have been there & done that. ;)

    Following your blog now. We'd love for you to visit ours too!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Wow, you've really put a lot of thought into this!
    What a wonderful post!
    xx Grace


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