Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visible Monday-Almost Tuesday

It's Visible Monday! Barely. It's 15 minutes until Tuesday right now. Today was a long day. About 13 hours of work with very few breaks in between. I managed to come home long enough to get a few wrinkled pictures. I'm talking about my clothes, of course. I think I look how I feel. Glamorous!!! (not really. Tired) At least I'm wearing something shiny...

and ruffly

Sweater-(FIDM Scholarship Store)
BR men's pants-(thrifted, )
Bracelets-(vintage, gift from daughter) :)


  1. Joanie, thanks for making it to Visible Monday. (Don't tell anyone, but I leave the window open for posting pictures till Tuesday evening). You look shiny and ruffly and pretty. In men's pants too! : >


  2. That bright blue top really looks great on you.

  3. Wouldn't have thought those two blues would look so good together - and with those pants, bracelets, and your hair, they really look great.

  4. Hey there funny girl..Sorry to hear you're so busy. I think you need a winecation. I think they should be mandatory everyday 2pm sharp!

  5. @deja aseu- thank you. I needed all the compliments I could get this day. :)

    @marsha-The jacket is actually a light gray and the shirt is a little more teal. There's more green in it than shows in the picture. Oh well.

    Tammy- Winecation. I love it!


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