Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bohemian Army

Today for work, comfort and ease trumped anything else. Bohemian's not my style but I didn't care today. I picked this kind of Boho skirt and this Banana Republic t-shirt which is the softest thing I've ever owned ever. I love it!!!! I got it at Goodwill the other day. It's like buttah! I added the black denim military jacket which made the outfit a little more like me.

Here it is without the jacket

Black demim jacket-(thrifted)
BR t-shirt-(thrifted)
Skirt-(downtown L.A.)
Necklace-(FIDM Scholarship Store)

I was really comfortable but I felt a little bit like a fraud. Have you ever travelled outside your style zone?
P.S. I can't wait to wear real shoes again!!!  :(


  1. Style zone.......yikes I do it every day. With success and failure. Oh well, live and learn!
    I think you look smashing! Do people still use that phrase?
    Lost my damn charger for my camera.......hope I left it at the cabin. Sooooooooooo. for the rest of this week it'll be Iphone photos, that could be ugly!

  2. I LOVE that outfit!!!! But then again, I like a bit of Boho. For me, that would actually be fairly dressy! Funny, huh? Seriously, you look great. Maybe there's a bit of Boho lurking in your soul....

  3. Ha ha. I love the idea of some bohemian gypsy lurking around in my soul. Pitching a tent. Telling fortunes.

  4. I've been saving pics of things I like from magazines and found that I love boho. I don't have boho and I don't wear boho. But it is my favorite style. I think I need to match my style to the things I really like.

  5. Oh, I love the skirt. How is your toe doing?


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