Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Best-The Funnies

Ever since I was a kid the first thing we would grab from the newspaper was the comic section, or as we called it, The Funnies. I read that people who read The Funnies are smarter than the people who skip them. See? Laughing is good! (we all know that)

There are a few places online that make me consistently laugh like an idiot (well, I laugh like that anyway) and I wanted to share them with you today. Some of these you may know and some not. Either way, I hope it brightens your day a little.

The first place is Awkard Family Photos.  You've probably seen it. It's pretty famous by now.These pictures and captions makes me howl.

Another favorite is Catalog Living. This lady has taken home decor catalogues and created a fictional family(Gary and Elaine and their various children and pets) and pretends they actually live in these rooms. Sometimes these pictures are styled so bizarrely that it's funny to see them called out.

Of course I want her to excel at sports Elaine, but don’t you think we could come up with a more appropriate word of encouragement for her bedroom wall?

If you are a fan of Project Runway, you are missing half the enjoyment of the show if you're not reading Tom and Lorenzo's blog. I've been reading it since it was called Project Rungay and it was only about PR. Now it's gotten so popular that they also talk about other shows and fashion. These two guys are so insightful and hysterical that it's hard to miss their recaps once you've started. They have funny nicknames for the contestants and they tend to say what most people watching the show are thinking. 

Go to the blog to see what they said about this

 These are probably my top three funny sites right now. Do you have any funny sites or blogs that keep you rolling on the floor and laughing your arse off? Also let me know how you like the ones I mentioned even if you've seen them before.

Have a funny Sunday.

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  1. I know this is really bad of me, but the "People of Walmart" site makes me laugh.

  2. Very witty and funny post and I most check all of this sites. The families photos are funny creepy!

  3. I thought the Project Runway (models on stilts) was the strangest thing does that translate to real people???? People of Walmart ARE funny!!!

  4. I have loved Awkward Family Photos, but thank you for introducing me to Catalog Living! I confess I'm an animal nerd, but you must peek at the youtube videos of klaatu42.

    -Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  5. Very funny. And yes, SCORE is not quite what you'd want on a your daughter's bedroom wall

  6. I'm going to check out Catalogue Living, but I want to hear audio of your laugh.


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