Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Yes, I Do Think I'm Some Kind of Model or Something

In honor of the September fashion magazines, or as I should say, weight lifting weights, I decided to do some Editorial type poses. You know, the real professional type stuff that you shouldn't try at home.

So far so good

Now we're talkin'

That's right, put your back into it

Okay, now it looks like you've gotta pee



Can you hear me now?

Whoa! That's it! Nailed it!
Top that, Kate Freaking Moss!!!

Every awesome quasi-professional model needs an awesome photographer. It helps if they are also wearing leopard print.

Oh and if you're still reading:
Top-(FIDM Scholarship Store)
NY& Co trouser jeans-(thrifted)
Tank undershirt-(Target)


  1. Better than Vogue, girl, you are the real deal. (don't hurt yourself). You are fearless and funny, never stop!

  2. Joanie, you are so funny. Cute outfit too. Love your photog's leopard print.

  3. You're a riot! Let us know when Ford models signs you...

  4. You forgot the Dead Arm pose where one arm sort of hangs in front and looks dead.

  5. Fantastic! Hope you didn't throw your back out!
    Your blog always delights me with or without leopard!

  6. I love your sense of humor!You nailed all poses and your photographer made a great job. I think you make an excellent team!

  7. Hey you goof ball. Did you know that we were mentioned over at http://style.lifegoesstrong.com/what-are-you-wearing?
    how cool is that? My man and son went to the movies tonight so I've been a blog nerd!

  8. Great post!! Found you through Tammy at SilverStyle. funny! Dawn suitcase vignettes


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