Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not Bad For a Dollar

I was gone most of the day. Had time to take a few snaps before I left. I went to a stand-up comedy workshop today in Santa Monica. It was pretty cool. I have a lot to think about. My brain hurts a little but that may be from the brightness of my shirt!

I used to hate orange and now it's my darling

PS I got this blouse a couple of weeks ago at this random thrift store I found where everything was on sale for a dollar. I got 3 things which I will wear all of eventually. This shirt still had the store price tag on it. Sweet!!

This top kind of reminds me of these. :)

I'm tired and a little overwhelmed from lots of projects and deadlines so I will leave you with this.
Oh and if you're keeping track:

Shoes-(why bother?)


  1. I think you found a fantastic color for you, Joanie. And your shopping skills are amazing!

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  2. I love the color and style of your top. What a bargain! It looks like it could be a really versatile piece.


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