Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Best-My BFF On Her Birthday

IFB is having a project this week about cherishing your friendships and telling everyone why your best friend is so awesome. This is perfect for today, because it is my best friend's birthday! Just so you know, I will probably be crying the whole time I'm typing this.

Also, I'm warning you in advance that some of this may sound a little braggy because my BFF is a star.

I met Rachel at a lunch in New York with some mutual friends about 23ish years ago. There was this instant connection, almost like a remembering, like we had made an appontment to meet in a a past life and here we were. She was just a kid but I was very immature so we were basically like the same age.

We  were inseperable for 6 months until she got her first Broadway show.

And the rest, as they say, is history:

Rachel played Fantine in Les Mis on Broadway at the same time I was a dresser there. So we got to see each other every day at work for six months.

Kiss Me Kate tour.
Got to see this with my daughter. She was old enough then to understand what her "Fairy" Godmother did for a living.

One of my favorites, Victor/Victoria.

We've been best friends and soul mates for over 20 years. We've never had a fight. We always see the best and most beautiful in each other. We have been through the darkest and most magnificent moments together and always had each others' backs. It's just pure, unconditional love. I wish for everyone at least one relationship like this in a lifetime. I sincerely mean that.

Wow. I really needed to be reminded of this today.

As for style, Rachel is very glamorous, I think. She has to dress up for events and openings and so forth and I think she has a sort of Old Hollywood, Goddessy style. She plays a lot of divas because of her voice and powerful presence and beauty. In real life she is one of the most loving and grounded people I know.

Rachel inspires me because she works so hard and makes everything seem so effortless. She sees more of what I'm capable of than I see in myself. Like being able to make her wedding dress from scratch. Yikes. That was ridiculously hard, but way worth it.

Rachel, this is your birthday card. I wish you many more years of joy and happiness with your beautiful family. I can't wait to see you. I love you through many lifetimes and always will. You are the light of my life.

If you want to know more about Rachel you can find her at .


  1. Wow, what a beautiful, gracious friend you have. Lucky you and lucky Rachel to have you. Friends are the best, because they know all about us and love us anyway.

    PS Am I shallow to want her hair, really a lot?

    PPS Pls come by for Visible Monday tomorrow!

    -Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  2. Happy birthday to your amazingly talented and beautiful best friend !

    alexandra @


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