Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1950's Easy Refashion

I got to see some really cool things at FIDM today which I'll share with you another time. I did dress up, though, so let's see how that turned out.

The skirt was from a 1950's dress that I bought for $4.00 a while back. It was too small and shredding on top so I turned it into a skirt. I took out a piece so it wasn't so wide and bulky. The print is so cool and 50's! The lining was a leftover bit from another refashion that was a dress to an apron. Basically, since the hems were already done in the original garments, I just sewed the two skirt pieces together at the top and added elastic into a casing.

Skirt-thrifted and refashioned
Belt-Charlotte Russe
Necklace and glass ring-Trade show

I'm really into getting more color for Summer. I'm not talking about tanning, although, if it wasn't so dangerous, it would probably be a really good idea. I mean color in my wardrobe and accessories. Most of my clothes tend to be in the neutral range, I've discovered. Have you been getting any more corals and turquoises and spearmints and such?


  1. It's a pleasing print! I like refashioning though often my efforts are sorta clumsy, since I tend to do the sewing by hand.

  2. I'm going to try to do more sewing and refashioning this summer. I'm so tired of my clothes. Bleeeh!

  3. Joanie you've named a few of my favorite color combo: mint/coral, jade/red, turquoise/red families. I've been crushed out of bright yellow which seems quite the trend this summer but somehow can't seem to walk out the door in it. Red/black however just slides on me like butter.


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