Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Casual Tuesday

 This is what I wore to work on Tuesday. I can wear jeans to work although I usually try to be a little more fancy.

The shirt is Calvin Klein. I got it at the thrift store but it was like new. Of course I spilled lunch on it. Bleh. I'm sure it'll be fine after a good dry cleaning. The jeans are thrifted and the jacket and necklaces are from the FIDM Scholarship Store. Shoes are from Marshall's.


  1. Joanie~so glad to see your new blog! We have a great little group of over fiftyers--I see most of them on your blog role.
    My dream was to go to FIT in LA after high school. never made it--ended up at an art school in Boston.
    Been too hot here lately for jeans. You look comfy and cool.

  2. It's actually really nice here right now. It got crazy hot for a while but then cooled down some. I'm from Texas so I understand how difficult that heat and humidity is!


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