Monday, July 18, 2011

Visible Monday

Okay, I'm participating in Visible Monday! Fun. It's a good day for that because I teach today and I will actually be in the vicinity of people instead of home hibernating and slobbing out. I have to admit, I don't usually feel invisible since I let my hair grow out white. People look. Luckily I don't have to hear what they're thinking. "Hey, look at that rocker chick...wait-a-minute. That's an old lady! She tricked me!!!!" Hah! Yeah! In your face!!!!

(ps I know I'm not old, but I am around a LOT of really young people)

I bought this beautiful Nanette Lepore dress at Goodwill for $8. I'm not kidding. It's one of the prettiest dresses I've ever owned and fits nicely which isn't always easy for me. I have mostly neutral colors in my closet I've noticed so this is a welcome pop of color. I want to add more color. I think a lot of people are feeling that way. What about you?

I seriously need help with posing!

Nanette Lepore dress(thrifted)
Sofft shoes-(Marshalls)
Lipstick-(oops. I forgot it)
Can't wait to see what the rest of you wear today.


  1. I've always loved Nanette Lapore!! Her designs are so flattering..I cannot believe what you paid for this...amazing...this color on you is just should wear it often!

  2. Absolutely beautiful dress and jewelry. But, I like the hair best. If my hair would have gone white I wouldn't have to color it. It's beautiful.

  3. Thank you sweet ladies. About the hair, I've been dying it since my 20's because I was much too young to be going so gray. I guess the white hair is kind of a fair trade-off. :P

  4. Love that you are loving the color thing--this looks great on you. And I agree with Pam--Nanette lapore is great. Just bought a thrifted skirt from her.
    Love your white hair--it looks so much better than my grey.

  5. I want to live closer to your thrift store! :) Great color and very flattering.

  6. Fuschia and turquoise! Perfection!

  7. It's certainly a great outfit and the fuschia color just so modern! The way I see it I can't believe how some people don't thrift. It's a world of treasures just wait to be discovered. The posing thing comes over time but you do a great job.

  8. You look wonderful! I love the Vintage jewelry. What do you wear when you do Stand-Up?

  9. Thank you all. There are some pretty great thrift stores where I live. I go fairly often, though and try to only buy something if I really like it and it fits.

    @Beryl I usually perform in jeans and a nice shirt and my vintage jewelry. I'm kind of a normal person onstage so I don't want to be too much more dressed up than the audience. I only perform part-time now since my daughter's been in school.

    I really appreciate your comments and will have more time soon to check your blogs out properly. Monday and Tuesdays are nuts!

  10. Your hair is just beautiful. And the turquoise with the fuchsia is fantastic.

  11. I love the shade of your hair. People pay lots of money for a beautiful shade like that! I am feeling more color these days, too, especially since I started blogging. Love the color of your dress. Debbie


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