Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's All In My Head

I think this outfit was a lot more flattering in my head than on my body. Oh well. Too late now. I'm typing this in jeans and a t-shirt after changing out of these work clothes so I'm too comfy to care.

I love the pieces but the skirt hits me slightly below the waist so I think it makes me look thicker than I would like. Also I'm still wearing flats which kind of blows. Could be better,could be worse and there's always next time. I will be casual until next Monday so we'll see what happens with that.

Banana Republic blouse-(thrifted)
Old Navy skirt-(thrifted)
Belt-(um...maybe Marshall's long ago?)
Bangle bracelets-(dunno-had since the '80s)
Other bracelet-(FIDM Scholarship Store)
Red necklace-(gift from sister)
Same old sandals-(Marshall's)


  1. Joanie, You look really nice in the outfit. The only thing I think could have made it look better is for your red necklace to be more visible. You look like you are cool and comfortable even though you did not think so.

  2. Joanie,
    There is an unspoken law in these lands.
    Even though you ask our opinion we are only to say sweet, happy things.
    I get frustrated with it. I agree with you on the skirt.
    So viva honesty! I have truly posted a lot worse.
    And you do look cute.
    Oh, my God.......will I get kicked out of blogger land for this one?
    I know you have a sense of humor.........so be kind!

  3. @Tammy You're cracking me up. Don't worry. I'm not the type to say something bad about myself to fish for a compliment. Anyway, I don't think the outfit is horrible just not super figure flattering but I posted it anyway. Next time I'll do it up a little different.

    @She Who... (couldn't find your actual name. sorry) :)I totally agree. I thought the red necklace would be great for a pop of color but I didn't realize it was almost totally hidden. I had an 8:30 AM class and just barely made it there on time so it was a little bit of a rush this morning. ha. Oh well. And the outfit was very comfortable in the heat. So there's that.

    Thank you both for your comments. You make me smile.

  4. I like this outfit, including your sandals and the red necklace.
    By the way you have fantastic complexion!

  5. The outfit is fine but I'd like to see the belt a little tighter.

  6. lovely mix! I'm a big fan of skirts like yourse and this one definitely rocks! and the red necklace is awesome. I love seeing a little more colour from time to time esp when it goes something shoes up and goes back

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