Friday, July 29, 2011


K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple, Sugarpants (I don't like calling people Stupid)
I'm going to FIDM to do some grading. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. This is actually a black t-shirt dress with the striped shirt over it. It's usually air-conditioned  in the building enough that I should be nice and cozy.

I decided not to wear any jewelry or anything. It all seemed like overkill and I don't want bracelets and things getting in my way.

Black t-shirt dress-(thrifted)
Black & white striped top-(self-made)
Belt-(old. don't know where I got it)
Sand...(oh, you know this by now)

This is from my new film "The Cat Stays In The Picture".


  1. OK, "sugarpants" is officially my new favorite word!

  2. I like stripes but am always afraid "they'll make me look fat" No mind you it isn't the pizza or wine that does it only stripes.
    You look quite stylish and casual. For me that's a hard look to accomplish.
    Have a good weekend

  3. Sugarpants. Good word. Anyway I agree that the stripes make me look fat. But why do I still look fat when I'm not wearing stripes. Going to wear them anyway.

  4. Great outfit and love your witty commentary! The Style Crone

  5. I've been grading this weekend myself...but I must say you look far more stylish at it than I do at the moment.


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