Saturday, July 30, 2011

Orange You Glad I Didn't Wear Blue Jeans?

I managed another casual day without jeans. This is actually way more comfortable than jeans. It's basically like wearing an oversize t-shirt.

Orange dress-(FIDM Scholarship Store)
Gingham shirt-(Jet Rag $1 day)
Belt-(FIDM Scholarship Store)
Flip flops-(Gilly-Hicks)

I got this shirt from a place called Jet Rag in Hollywood. On Sundays they dump a bunch of junk on the ground of the parking lot and sell everything for $1. Most of the stuff is craptastic but if you really look you can sometimes find something good. Also, the necklace, I believe, I got when I was a kid and somehow managed to keep it through all my travels and moving.

My daughter was kind enough to take pictures again before she went Back-To-School shopping. Everytime we do our little photo sessions she says, "Mom, stop posing. Just stand normal." Echhh. That's so BORING! So of course I had to do this:

Pretty awesome, huh?

My daughter is very stylish (I take all the credit) and she said she wanted some photos of her for my blog. So here she is:

Hey! How come she gets to pose?


  1. Oh yeah, dresses are *much* cooler than jeans, aren't they? I like the way you belted over your shirt. Your daughter is a beauty like her mom.

  2. Your daughter IS stylish and she knows how to vogue for the camera. I really like your outfit--the blouse is a great find and the necklace is a keeper. One fine day I want to thrift with you at FIDM.

  3. There are so many thrift and vintage stores where I live. A lot of the TV studios are in Burbank so those kind of stores tend to thrive. I would love to take you all thrifting one day and show you the hot spots. :)

  4. You should always pose because you look funny and cool and its also our jobs as mothers of teens to embarrassed them as much as possible!
    Your daughter is beautiful and I really like this outfit color combination.

  5. You both look great! I think most times dresses are more comfortable than jeans!

  6. Great, you both look awesome, though I would love to see some of your pics in jeans as well.

    Baggy Jeans


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