Monday, July 25, 2011

Visible Monday-Shimmery

Happy Visible Monday! I had a really great Goodwill run a couple of days ago. I got this denim dress which I love. It's good for summer or winter. It's stretch denim which is even better. I was limited in my choices for work today because my toe is still swollen and hurting. These sandals are the only decent shoes I can wear. Can't wait to wear heels!!!

I love this jacket because it has silver threads woven through it so it has this subtle shimmer. It's hard to tell from the photo. You have to just trust me.

I went with shimmery neutral jewelry to match.

And here's the dress without the jacket.
American Rag dress-(thrifted)
Rhinestone necklace-(vintage)
Pendant necklace-(thrifted)
Bracelets-(FIDM Scholarship Store, yard sale)


  1. I have tried everything to get my hair the color of yours. It won't do it. Darn it. Anyway, your outfit is divine and I am absolutely in love with that necklace. In love.

  2. Joanie, you had some fab finds at the thrift! I love your denim dress and I agree with Judy - that necklace, both necklaces are gorgeous.

    Thanks for participating in Visible Monday.

    -Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  3. You look great. I have said it before and probably will say it again, I love your hair. The style, the color, everything! Do you have to use any special products on it? It looks so thick.
    I would love to find a denim dress like that. It would probably be my uniform if I ever found one.

  4. The dress looks wonderful, with and without the jacket. I believe you about the silver I have a vest in similar material that I have yet to style.

    Keep taking care of that toe.

  5. I love the crispness of the dress and jacket colors paired together. And what's not to love about a little shimmer?

  6. LOL Creativity is the easy part! Thanks for coming by my blog. :)

    I love shimmery fabrics! They add such oomph to an outfit. Love the necklace too of course!


  7. I love the jacket and what a great thrifty find that dress is too. You have such pretty hair. I love the color. Just had to tell you!!
    Thanks for the visit and the nice comment!


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