Friday, July 15, 2011

Xboxes and Packing Boxes

Yesterday was bizzay!!

The first part of the day I was at a special taping for Xbox Kinect at Flappers Comedy Club. I was one of 16 comics chosen to perform a 90 second set. Luckily I had the right amount of material on one of the preferred topics (Facebook)

If I am one of the 5 or 6 chosen, my video will be put up on Facebook and YouTube so people can vote for their favorites. The winner gets an Xbox or something. Cross your fingers and I'll let you know if I make it forward. Exciting and FUN!!! (also a little nerve wracking but whatevs)

One thing I'm realizing is that I need to TAKE MORE PICTURES! Argh!! I should have gotten some of the craft services table and the other comics and my daughter and her friends who were in the audience  Pthhhhh. I'll try to get better at that.

Next I went to my best friend's house. She's packing up and moving from L.A. to New York for a while. She has a five month old baby so it was kind of tough. She has a beautiful home and is great at designing her nest. So even with boxes everywhere it was still pretty easy to find a nice background. This is what I wore to the taping and all day, basically.

Banana Republic top (thrifted)
Gap jeans (thrifted)
Cole Haan leopard flats (Marshalls)
Beige camisole (thrifted)

Thank goodness she had this so we could keep track of time. Ha ha (what the heck?)

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