Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Best-The Little Things

My Mom is doing the coolest thing ever. As you know if you read my first post, I actually officially turn 50 soon. August 12th to be precise. It started freaking me out. For the first time I could see signs of ageing on my face (and neck). I put on some weight a few years ago and my eyesight is going. 

So it's not the number itself. It's all the things that go with it that made me start to panic. I started this blog to come to terms with this next phase and to figure out how to still feel stylish and cool and sexy.

Also, the same month that I turn 50, my daughter turns 16.  I didn't really want to plan two big parties and I tend to feel uncomfortable in big loud gatherings anyway. (For some reason being onstage in the spotlight with my voice amplified is okay. Weird, huh?) Also, my sister and best friend are out-of-town for the summer. So I was kind of ready to just ignore my birthday altogether even though I knew I would probably regret it later.

Then, exactly one month before my birthday, my Mom started bringing me presents. Little things. Lovely things. I got a bouquet of flowers, which unfortunately I didn't get a picture of but they were beautiful.

Then she did this. Bought some herbs that I like to cook with and repotted them:





And I got these beauties:

She's also buying me tickets for my daughter and I to go see Harry Potter. (I'm a huge Potter nerd btw just haven't had time to go yet)

And she's getting me maid service for a day. Woo hoo!

Yesterday she went to an Estate Sale and came home with this beaded scarf:

Oh my God!!! It's so beautiful! On my birthday day I think we're just going to have some cake and hang out a little and then I'll go to the comedy club and hang out some more. That sounds like a perfect plan. I always think birthdays should last at least a week anyway. The little things make me very happy. Including my Mom. (She's 5'2") Thank you, Mommy! I love you!


  1. I agree with you 100 percent that birthdays should last several days at least, so it seems only right that a fiftieth birthday should go on for a month. I'm going to borrow that idea for a good friend's upcoming fiftieth this fall.

    What kind of cake, by the way?

  2. What thoughtful and loving gifts, Joanie. Your mom is a peach. That menopause poster is TOO funny -can you use it in your stage act?

    Come over for Visible Monday tomorrow if you can!

    (Patti @ NotDeadYet Style)

  3. Sounds like your mother is a very astute woman to suspect that THIS birthday may be more important than most. As for the stage presence, I read somewhere that many comics are actually very introverted. I teach school and am actually a fairly private person. My students would never know this...

  4. @Sue Not sure what kind of cake. I just want it to be decadent! ha ha

    @Patti-I actually have written a few jokes about turning 50 and menopause and stuff. At some point I'll put them online and you guys can see what the heck it is I do (if you want)

    @Terri-so true. I used to need a lot more attention but got more and more shy as I got older especially since I started performing stand-up. And, yes. Teaching is definitely a performance art.


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