Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Yes, I Do Think I'm Some Kind of Model or Something

In honor of the September fashion magazines, or as I should say, weight lifting weights, I decided to do some Editorial type poses. You know, the real professional type stuff that you shouldn't try at home.

So far so good

Now we're talkin'

That's right, put your back into it

Okay, now it looks like you've gotta pee



Can you hear me now?

Whoa! That's it! Nailed it!
Top that, Kate Freaking Moss!!!

Every awesome quasi-professional model needs an awesome photographer. It helps if they are also wearing leopard print.

Oh and if you're still reading:
Top-(FIDM Scholarship Store)
NY& Co trouser jeans-(thrifted)
Tank undershirt-(Target)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Visible Monday-Bea Young

Today was so hot and I couldn't find anything to wear that would be comfortable enough. I thought "Man, if I just had a cotton shirtwaist dress, then...you know...that would be great." Alls of a sudden I remembered I already had one!

I got this vintage dress from the thrift store for a few dollars a couple of years ago or so. I was going to sell it because I thought it looked frumpy on my. But that was before this look had come back in style and I also lost a few pounds and now I like it!

So then I came home for a few minutes between my two jobs, bent over to feed the cats and rrrip. The dress ripped at the back of the armseye. Not on the seam, in the fabric. Waaah. Well, I guess it'll make a good skirt.

I threw on some arm business, too. Here's that.

Dress-(vintage thrifted)
Belt-(oldie but a goodie)
Bracelets-(vintage thrifted)

While you're looking at things, please go on over and visit the lovely ladies of Visible Monday.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going Gaga

My daughter is going through the delightful time of life when all her friends are turning 16 which means they are all having Sweet Sixteen parties. Tonight one of her friends is having a Lady Gaga themed party.

You can probably guess, if you've been reading this blog for a while, that I have a little bit of a reputation to uphold when it comes to costumes for my daughter. Believe it or not, this one was pretty simple. We only bought a little bit of make-up. Everything else we had and I just had to do a little refashioning.

Dress-(thrifted and refashioned)
Headress-(refashioned headband and fabric)
Shoes-(last year's showchoir shoes)
Wig-(mine I've had for 15 years)

The black shoulder thing that looks like it's attached to her arm is actually fabric I gathered up and sewed onto a clear bra strap which I sewed to the dress. The gold dress I bought when she was really little as part of her dress up collection. I always used thrifted party dresses instead of store bought Princess costumes. I highly recommend that for the little ones.

The girl on the far right is dressed as Madonna. It's ironic. Very hipster.

Good night little Monsters.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Like It Hot-They're Dumb

We've managed to miss a lot of the awful weather some of you have been suffering through. Not today, though. The past few days have been hot and muggy and over 100°. I'm not used to it anymore. With that said, I hope all of you on the East Coast are safe and well during the hurricane they're predicting.
Today was about errands and driving in a car with no A.C. (still trying to find time to get it fixed). So I went with comfort and not a lot of embellishment.

100% thrifted.

98% wrinkled
(again I'm talking about the clothes)

I did get these platform shoes today at Goodwill. I swear I was only there looking for something for my daughter. cough cough...ahem. Sorry, just started choking there a little. Here's what the full-body experience was for the picture above.


Old Navy top-(thrifted)
Banana Republic shorts-(thrifted)
Mudd shoes-(thrifted)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feeling Good Looking Blue

Yesterday we had Fall Training for the FIDM Speakers' Bureau at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Downtown L.A. I wore a dress I got at one of my recent Goodwill trips. You can't really tell, but it has little black oblong polka dots on it. My daughter really likes this dress. She said it's the same thing they're selling at Urban Outfitters. It's probably from the early '80s and colorful! Yay. Unfortunately some of the pictures are a little blurry but you get the idea..

Vintage navy slip-(thrifted)
Leopard belt-(birthday gift)
Purse-(FIDM Scholarship store)

I got to see one of my favorite people, Nancy Riegelman. She is a sketching teacher at FIDM and a very talented artist as well. Not to mention, one of the sweetest and coolest ladies out there. She said she was going to check out my blog. Hi, Nancy!

Nancy is also the author of 9 Heads: A Guide To Drawing Fashion which is used all over the world as a text book for fashion classes and schools.

9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion (3rd Edition)

Nancy taught us how to make the 9 head croquis (kro-kee). Here's mine:

I added hair and a face and some clothes. Trying to keep this blog PG.

I linked this to Thursdays Are For Thrifters by the way. Check it out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Don't freak out. Your eyes are not playing practical jokes on you. These photos are moving.

Pictures really can move like in Harry Potter. Okay, maybe they can't carry on conversations with you or go get stuff, but they don't have to just sit there either. Jamie at From Me To You has created these gorgeous cinemagraphs.

Bill Cunningham! :)

I actually found these photos first on Thee Blog

Honestly, even if they didn't move, I would still be in love with these photographs.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It IS Easy Being Green

I got to wear a dress from my Goodwill shopping trip the other day. I meant to take a picture without the sweater (it was freezing at work all day) but I wanted to get out of my work clothes so badly that I forgot. It's sleeveless and fits really well.

I really don't have much in the way of colorful clothes so this was a much needed addition. Everybody's talking about how clothes are finally getting more colorful. I was never really into it but now I get it. You just feel happier wearing them, right?

I can fly!!! Actually, my heels were sticking into the mud and I kept losing my balance. My daughter/photographer thought it was hi-larious.

close-up of the beading

DKNY sweater-(thrifted)
Bracelet-(daughter's...shhh don't tell)